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Arts & Culture Fund – Arts Vibrancy

Juneau’s vibrant arts scene is among our city’s clear strengths, as is our rich cultural history. The two are also often intertwined, such as in the many expressions of Northwest Coast Native art that can be found throughout Southeast. In study after study, the arts have been shown to be beneficial in many different ways, including promoting social connectedness, building bridges between diverse populations, engaging students, and stimulating personal growth and community involvement. The arts also contribute significantly to our local and regional economy.

Through our partners, the Juneau Community Foundation strives to create and maintain vibrant and accessible arts and culture opportunities in Juneau and Southeast Alaska. Individuals and businesses pool their resources to achieve greater community impact through a range of arts and culture related projects, organizations and programs. By joining other civic minded people, you help build funds to support this vital aspect of our community today and in the future.

Art Bus Excursions – Connecting Every Juneau Student to the Arts
Art Bus Excursions are field trips to local arts experiences for our youth. Any Given Child Juneau currently provides annual Arts Bus Excursions for all 2nd, 5th, and 8th graders, with more in development. Art Bus Excursions are just one of the ways that Any Given Child Juneau works to ensure that all Juneau students have access to the rich arts and cultural opportunities available in Juneau.

Arts Vibrancy Fund
Through our partners, and the Arts Vibrancy Fund, the Juneau Community Foundation strives to create and maintain vibrant and accessible arts and culture opportunities in Juneau and Southeast Alaska. Since 2005, we invested more than $1,156,000 in grants to over 40 arts and culture organizations and projects:

Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Alaska Youth Choir

Artchange, Inc.

Canvas Art Studio

Empty Chair Project

Ernestine Hayes’ Book Project

Friends of the Alaska State Museum

Friends of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries

Generator Theater

Goldbelt Heritage Foundation

Island Institute

Juneau Alaska Music Matters

Juneau Arts & Humanities Council

Juneau Dance Theater

Juneau Dance Unlimited

Juneau-Douglas High School Theater

Juneau Jazz & Classics

Juneau Lyric Opera

Juneau String Ensembles

Juneau Symphony

Living Voices

New Juneau Arts & Culture Center

New Old Chautauqua Review

Opera To Go

Perseverance Theatre

Scholarships in Music

Scholarships for the Arts

Sealaska Heritage Institute

Seward Statue

Sheldon Jackson Museum

Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center

Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Skagway Arts Council

Skagway Convention & Visitors Bureau

Skagway School District

The Whale Project

Theatre In The Rough

Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority

Woosh Kinaadeiyi

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